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1 MichelleReece  
2 LeonardBowman Your PR attempt to blame Steam is ludicrous. Steam is not "restrictive". Suck it up and offer it through Steam along with your other distributors. If Steam really was "restrictive", then we would all shift to Origins. Did we? Are we? Will we? No. Man up.
3 HenriqueUrruth  
4 FredFirth I really like EA games like Mass Effect, but I will not buy Mass Effect 3 or Crysis 3 until I see it on Steam. Origin is frustrating and poorly organized.
5 KristenAnthony I like having all my games in one place on Steam. I don't want an extra client that never offers games on sale at prices for people like me who are on a limited income. I won't be purchasing EA games or DLC until I can do it on Steam.
6 KiranBalraj please i want to buy crysis and battlefield but it's not on steam and most of my friends are on steam but don't want to join origin
7 BeetoThePardonBeggar I honestly don't see how taking their games from Steam is helping EA. It is helping their Origin, but whether the copy is bought from Origin or Steam EA is still selling a copy.
8 TimothyNotley EA shareholders need to ask what the steam portion of sales was before they pulled and stopped putting games on steam. I bet it has AFFECTED there profits in some way.
9 JacobBibby your kidding me right a with your corpate what not its really starting to get annoying put your stuff on steam or shut down
10 MattChambers Not on steam = wont buy the game!
11 georgePearson  
12 ColbyButcher Not Impressed
13 PeterAtkinson Don't want to be using multi-platforms!
14 theronpaul come on EA....alot of people wont use Origin you will make more money if you just sell your games through steam and release the DLC through steam as well.I for one hate origin/Love steam so if its not on steam i'm not going to buy it.
15 GabrielStanciu  
16 MarekSatina  
17 markusEschneberg  
18 HanliTheron  
19 CarlaErb I really want the dragon ages in one place!
20 EmilioHaro  
21 PhilippRamm  
22 adammoskowitz  
23 RicardoVieira put your games back on steam EA ¬¬
24 MartinTran i really need this
25 DominikG.  
26 RudyTjhia Put Dragon Age on Steam and your purchases will blow from ASIA player including IDR money bcs tons of ppl love Dragon Age here
27 JorLuiz  
28 JasonBryan Just do this. Make a backend like ubisoft if you must, something more inconspicuous if you must but please get with steam and work this shit out.
29 ConnorBorchardt  
30 JonathonMcDonald I would love to have EA and Steam work together again. However it has always been clear to the players that EA cares only about their bottom line and not the players who enjoy their games. I want to see EA prove me wrong and show their love for the gamers
31 LouisST-Pierre Dragno age 3.
32 ChrisFigueroa I would love for EA games to come to Steam. I'm tired of companies, especially EA, creating these inferior rip offs of services and clients that already work and would be more beneficial for everyone just to make more money.
33 VincentMuskens  
34 JAkeGiman  
35 KevinMercado please put it back!!
36 ChristosKannas I think it would be nice for gamers all around to be able to purchase and play their games via any distribution platform (Steam, Origin, Arc, GoG, etc.) they like.
37 AmandaOrzel I refuse to have Origin on my PC, so only way EA is gonna get my monies is if they sell through Steam.
38 ChristianTrance Dragon Age II on steam!
39 GerwinTerpstra I would play a lot more EA games if they were available on Steam. Not because I dislike Origins, but because I'd like to have all my games in one game library. I only buy EA games on steam.
40 StellaRinaldi  
41 PavloKots  
42 GaryMengle Please please please!
43 ChrisHunt  
44 GuilhermeAguiar da Silva  
45 ChristopherJasko Always about the money.... come on EA... give it up already
46 jasongee ea is just being greedy steam is more convenient for the customer origin is not going to grow most people dont know it exists
47 MelissaPrado  
48 DaanDaele  
49 MiguelSilva  
50 ЯрославГромыко